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MXBox Thunder is a powerful phone flashing and mobile unlocking software tool for Nokia repairing and servicing.

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MXBoxThunder - Outstanding Features

  • High Speed USB transceiver:
    • flashing speed increased by 540% compared to MXBOX Green and by 300% compared to MXBOX Orange.
  • Improved built-in SOFT-TMA adapter:
    • special build-in hardware based on CMOS analog switches, with a switchable resistance on the BSI line between 0k and 10k and step incremental value of 1k.
  • New SUS - Shortcut Ultra Shield:
    • Ultra high speed (<1mS) protection against phone battery pins shortcut.
  • Full time feedback monitoring of phone VCC line:
    • improving detection and removal of flashing errors related to low power USB ports.
  • Built-in hardware accelerator:
    • specially designed for Nokia FBUS Flashing serial synchronous protocol. It helps to improve speed of flashing Nokia phones via FBUS interface.
  • Specially designed hardware:
    • for easy and fast measurement of voltage and current. It allows user to solve hardware problems for Nokia cell phones.

MXBox Thunder Bulk Version - Package Content*

  • MXBox Thunder - 1 pc.
  • MXBox Card - 1 pc.

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