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IR-Key is a complex phone servicing solution for a wide range of smartphones, supports root, unlock, backup and other operations. IR-Key has a built-in FTP client with the ability to find custom ROMs and recovery files.

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محصولات مرتبط


IR-Key - Main Features

  • Unlock and root
  • Reset pattern lock/user lock
  • Upgrade all partitions in Fast Boot/HBoot/Recovery modes
  • S-OFF
  • Easy creation of Golden Card
  • Create and change animated boot
  • Fully automated ROM partitions creation
  • Construction and installation of Automatic recovery
  • Gold Card Downgrade/Root/Unlock through recovery menu
  • Android OS installation and Linux Firefox on Windows mobiles
  • 3 different unlocking methods of Pattern Lock in recovery mode
  • Unlock network lock (this feature is Coming Soon)
  • Android Commander
  • Troubleshoot error messages while handling an official ROM
  • A new way to install custom/CWM Flash ROM
  • Create Diagnostic file to calibrate various mobiles phones

IR-Key - Supported HTC Models

  • Sensation XL (Runnymade)
  • One S (Ville)
  • J One (DLX_WLJ)
  • One SV 520 (K2_U, K2_UL, K2PLC_LC)
  • One 801E (M7)
  • Liberty
  • Marvel
  • Mecha
  • Passion
  • Pico
  • Primods
  • PrimoU
  • Puccini
  • Pyramid
  • Rider
  • Ruby
  • Icon
  • Kingdom
  • Legend
  • Leo
  • Lexikon
  • DELUXE_J (J Butterfly)
  • M7_WLJ (J ONE)
  • Valente_wx (VALENTE)
  • K2 (ONE SV)
  • K2 (ONE SV)
  • Mondorudo (Droid DNA)
  • HTC Myst (First)
  • Evo 3D (Shooter U)
  • Jewel (Evo 4G LTE)
  • Fireball (Desire 4G LTE)
  • Evo View 4G
  • Express (Flyer)
  • Puccini (Jetstream)
  • PrimoDS (Desire V T328w)
  • PrimoDS (Desire U T327w)

IR-Key - Other Supported Devices:

  • Asus Transformer Android Devices
  • Dell Streak Android Devices

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