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About XTC Clip

  • XTC Clip is a standalone clip that allows you to unlock HTC Android phones without need for Credits or Logs

  • Unlocking S-Off is UNLIMITED !!

  • Note: Our XTC Clip is Original Raskal XTC Clip, please be sure only to use official updates from official raskal forum

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  • The solution is working on any device ("S-ON" and "S-OFF" doesn't matter).

  • After unlocking you have SIMLOCK removed, SuperCID (11111111) and the device is "S-OFF"

  • Very simple concept, this clip is an automatic GOLD CARD Generator. It Automatically generates GOLD CARD for unlocking All hTC Android phones

  • Very simple 2 minutes operation. Newest models included.

  • Full factory unlock (cid, sp lock, user lock)

  • One click gold card creation in just 2-4 seconds(2gb card) and 6-8 seconds (8gb card)

  • Supports all android HTC

  • Unlocking time 20-30 seconds

Supported Models
(Also check news area too for more recent updates)

  • Android-based
    Desire: HTC Bravo | HTC Desire (GSM) | A8181 | A8182 | A8183
    Desire HD: HTC Ace
    Dream: HTC T-mobile G1 | Android Dev phone | HTC Dream | A71xx
    Espresso: T-mobile myTouch 3G Slide | HTC Espresso
    Glacier: HTC myTouch 4G | HTC myTouch 4G HD | HTC Glacier
    Hero: HTC Hero | T-mobile G2 Touch | HTC A6262 | Dopod Magic
    Intruder: AT&T Aria | HTC Aria | HTC Intruder | HTC Liberty | HTC A6366 | HTC Gratia
    Legend: HTC Legend| HTC A6363
    Nexus One: HTC Nexus One | Google Nexus One | HTC Passion | HTC Dragon
    Saphire: HTC Magic | Vodafone HTC Magic | Dopod Magic | Google ION | T-mobile myTouch 3G | NTT DoCoMo Pro series HT-03A | HTC A61xx
    Vision: HTC Vision | T-mobile USA G2 | HTC Desire Z
    Wildlife: HTC Wildlife (GSM) | A3333 | HTC Buzz
    Tattoo: HTC Click | A3232 | HTC Tattoo
    Paradise: HTC Paradise


  • Touch phones
    Blackstone: HTC Touch HD | HTC T8282 | HTC Blackstone
    Leo: HTC HD2 | HTC Leo | HTC Leo 100 | T9193 | T8585
    Mega: HTC Mega | HTC T3320 | HTC T3333 | HTC Touch 2 | T3330
    Topaz: HTC Touch Diamond2 | Orange Touch Diamond 2 | O2 XDA Diamond 2 | T-mobile MDA Compact V | AT&T Pure | HTC Pure | T5353 | HTC Topaz 210 | ST6356 | HTC Warhawk
    Rhodium: T-Mobile MDA Vario 5 | HTC Touch Pro 2 | AT&T Tilt2 | HTC Tilt 2 | HTC T7373 | HTC 7377


  • Windows 7 phones
    HTC 7 Pro: HTC 7 Pro (support coming soon)
    Surround: AT&T HTC 7 Surround | AT&T U-verse Mobile | HTC Mondrian | HTC 7 Trophy (support coming soon)
    Trophy: HTC Spark (update available via HD7 unlock kit)
    Schubert: HTC HD7 | T-mobile HTC HD7 (update available via HD7 unlock kit)
    Mozart: : HTC 7 Mozart (update available via HD7 unlock kit)

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